Our grant application process is strict and applicants must follow the below application procedure to be reviewed by our board of directors.

HSSA provides grants in three categories, along with a Grant Writing Assistance Grant and an Access to Care Grant. Before beginning the application process, please verify that your research meets the below areas of interest and other requirements.

Categories of Interest

  • Health Science Research;
  • Health Service Delivery; and
  • Related Health Research Capacity.

Funding Eligibility

  • Capacity must be in Spokane County;
  • Service must be in Spokane County; and
  • Research must have be conducted in Washington; and
  • Grantee must agree to the HSSA Intellectual Property Policy.

Outcomes/Evaluation Criteria

The focus of the HSSA grants is to grow existing community bioscience-based strengths, build infrastructure to support biosciences in Spokane County, and to promote health and health services. Therefore, proposals will be based on factors such as:

  • Quality of the proposed research;
  • Its potential to improve health outcomes, with particular attention to the likelihood it will lower health care costs;
  • Evidence of sustainability through additional extramural funding;
  • Its potential to provide health care benefits;
  • Its potential to stimulate employment; and
  • Evidence of public and private collaboration.

See Washington State Law RCW 35.104.010 and Spokane County Resolution No. 7 1054

See Washington Tech Alliance Bio 21 report

See Life Science Discovery Fund at

Before applying for a grant please review additional information:

Additional Information

Grant Application Process


This HSSA grant provides support for start-up organizations seeking SBIR/STTR grants from professional grant-writing consultants. The applicant may apply to HSSA at any time for up to $5,000 to hire the consultant. To apply, fill out the Grant Writing Assistance Letter of Intent (LOI).


Each year HSSA sets aside about 15% funding from its revenues to fund proposals that create access to health care for certain Spokane County populations. To apply, fill out the Access to Care Grant Letter of Intent.


HSSA requires all applicants for health sciences research must first provide a Letter of Intent (LOI).

You must verify that you meet the HSSA criteria for a specific grant category selected. Please select the research grant that you would like to submit your LOI for:

HSSA will then notify the you to submit a full Grant Application. HSSA will provide a link to the on-line formal Grant Application.