Unconventional Science Centers Created on Opposite Coasts have Similar Mission

Former Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen just announced an initial commitment of $100 million to Frontiers Group, which will fund out-of-the-box scientific research around the world. The first funded projects were four "Allen Distinguished Investigators" and the first two "Allen Discovery Centers" at Stanford and Tufts universities. He plans to announce additional Discovery Centers over the next 10 years. Frontiers founding executive director, Tom Skalak will be housed in the Allen's Institute new building on South Lake Union in Seattle. Read the full story here.

On the other side of the U.S. in Asheville, NC, The Collider has been created for "really big ideas" around climate change, sitting on a "possible gold mine of innovation" in which The Collider sees climate change as an opportunity. Its intent is to nurture and support entrepreneurial, market-based solutions to climate challenges, which requires public and private interests to come together in unique ways. Read the full story here.