Our Impact

HSSA of Spokane County offers five different grant types. Click on the title to link to get more information about the exciting research, emerging health and life science businesses, and public health entities and projects HSSA has helped grow fueling our economy and improving our health at the same time.
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Human Capital & Infrastructure Matching Grant

Spokane Public Library Startup Spokane Resource Toolbox, Amount $65,000, Start Date: 2024

SP3NW Wet Lab Equipment for Life Science Business Incubator, Amount: $65,000, Start Date: 2023Gleason Institute Opening

Spokane Regional Health District Quality of Life Study, $10,000, Start Date: 2022

Spokane Public Libraries PatSnap License, $10,000, Start Date: 2022

Whitworth University Diffractometer Amount: $112,168, Start Date: 2019

WSU Researcher Recruitment Package/Bhagwat Prasad Amount: $500,000, Start Date: 2019

WSU Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience Amount: $250,000, Start Date: 2019

(Amount: $360,000, Start Date: 2014), WSU Microscopy/Imaging Core Lab (Amount: $705,000, Start Date: 2014), WSU Researcher Recruitment Package/Dr. Jiyue Zhu (Amount: $300,000, Start Date: 2014), WSU Researcher Recruitment Package/Dr. Salah Ahmed (Amount: $300,000, Start Date: 2014), WSU Mass Spectrometry Core Lab (Amount: $234,500, Start Date: 2012), WSU Researcher Recruitment Package/Dr. Mike Gibson (Amount: $200,000, Start Date: 2012), WSU Researcher Recruitment Package/Dr. Phil Lazarus (Amount: $500,000, Start Date: 2012), Institute for Systems Medicine (Amount: $675,000, Start Date: 2009)

Bioscience Business Job Growth Matching Grants

Inherent Biosciences, Expansion of Male Fertility Diagnostic Business to Spokane in Partnership with Allele Diagnostics Amount: $250,000, Start Date: 2024

Integrated Lipid Biofuels LLC, Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Potato Peels and Byproducts for Promoting Human Health Benefits Amount: $175,000, Start Date: 2024

Managed Health Connections, Advanced Contingency Management System for Reduction of Alcohol Use Amount: $499,890, Start Date: 2024

Qualterra, Industrial Symbiosis Amount $256,857, Start Date: 2024

Integrated Lipid Biofuels LLC Bioplastics from Organic Waste Amount: $500,000, Start Date: 2023

Iasis Molecular Sciences Amount: $450,000, Start Date: 2022

Quadralynx, Inc. Amount: $255,790, Start Date: 2022

2nd Sight Bioscience Amount: $250,000, Start Date: 2020

Photon Bioscience/PBS Technology (pictured here) Amount: $265,092, Start Date: 2020

Allele Diagnostics Amount: $500,000, Start Date: 2020

Iasis Molecular Sciences/Antimicrobial Devices (Amount: $500,000, Start Date: 2019), Photon Biosciences/Fluorescent Probe (Amount: $150,000, Start Date: 2019), Allele Diagnostics (Amount: $222,840, Start Date: 2019), Novion Technologies/Silver Therapeutics II (Amount: $132,720, Start Date: 2015), Dahl Natural LLC/Automated Real-Time Monitoring Device (Amount: $499,954, Start Date: 2013), Novion Technologies/Nanofiber Polymer Constructs (Amount: $231,178, Start Date: 2013), Novion Technologies/Silver Therapeutics (Amount: $150,063, Start Date: 2013), Iasis Molecular Sciences Antimicrobial Additives/Infection (Amount: $486,038, Start Date: 2012)

Innovative Health Care Delivery & Translational Research Matching Grant.

Preveal Technologies, Inc, Feasibility Study of Incite Cognitive Improvement System Amount: $137,275, Start Date: 2024

EWU Biofeedback Treatment of Speech Disorders Caused by Cleft Palate Research
Amount: $85,000, Start Date: 2022. EWU Cleft Palate Research Addendum, Amount: $24,512, Start Date: 2022.

WSU Sleep Center Cancer Risk in Night Shift Workers
Amount: $162,129, Start Date: 2021

Providence End-Stage Renal Care Research
Amount: $200,000, Start Date: 2012

Access to Care Grants

RFP 18: 2024

CHAS: Language Access is Healthcare Access ($42,331)

Community Minded Enterprises: Expanding Access to Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation and Services ($24,564)

Hispanic Business Professionals Association: Esperanza ($50,000)

Joya: Extended Pediatric Services Program ($67,500)

Latinos En Spokane: Immigrant Healthcare Expansion in Spokane County ($30,000)

Mujeres in Action: Behavioral Health Services to Immigrant Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence ($50,000)

Partners with Families and Children: Children’s Advocacy Center Support for Child and Adolescent Victims of Abuse and Neglect ($55,297.50)

Peer Spokane: Health through Housing for Spokane Residents ($38,730)

Raze Development: Building a Behavioral Health Team for Early Intervention ($30,000)

Shades of Motherhood Network: Long Term Sustainability through Billable Programming ($30,000)

Spokane Prescription Assistance Network: Continuation of Programming ($30,000)

RFP 17: 2023

Community-Minded Enterprises: $75,000 for a Behavioral Health Clinic at its downtown location and will address substance abuse recovery, and will create self-sufficiency through third-party awards.

The Hispanic Business Professional Association (HBPA): $50,000 for its Esperanza (HOPE) that will support 100-150 Hispanics and Latinos to connect to health, mental health, food and other services who have not been receiving these services due to language barriers and housing instability.

Joya Child & Family Development: $68,400 for its Family Resource Center to hire a Family Resource Coordinator to increase early intervention for infants and toddlers.

Maddie’s Place Pediatric Transitional Care Facility: $95,000 to increase the space for the number of infants who suffer from neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

Passages Family Support: $67,500 to purchase of a used RV to deliver behavioral services into the community with Certified Peer Counselors.

Partners with Families and Children Children’s Advocacy Center: $85,500 in 2023 to help it continue to meet the growing needs of children who are victims of physical and/or sexual abuse.

Spokane Prescription Assistance Network (SPAN): $30,000 to provide free and lost-cost prescriptions to patients who otherwise cannot afford them.

RFP 16: 2022 Community Health Association of Spokane (CHAS): $50,000 grant for the Street Medicine program. Daybreak Services of Spokane: $23,000 to help fund its Restorative Receiving Center for sexually exploited youth. Partners with Families and Children: $85,000 to help it continue to meet the growing needs of found at its Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). Pioneer Human Services: $20,000 to address mounting substance abuse in Spokane County at its Pioneer Center East facility. Providence Health Care Foundation: $86,865 to fund a mid-level primary family nurse for homeless adolescents for one year. Spokane Prescription Assistance Network (SPAN): $30,000. Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition: $30,000 to help fund expansion of the SRDVC’s education and services to 13 school districts in the region. HSSA RFP # 15: 2021 Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington $19,250, Partners with Families and Children $42,500, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network $30,000, Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition $29,250, YWCA Spokane $29,000. HSSA RFP # 14: Community Health Association of Spokane (CHAS) $120,000, Lutheran Community Services Northwest $10,000, Partners with Families and Children $75,000, Pioneer Human Services $32,000, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network $30,000, YWCA Spokane $33,000. HSSA RFP #13: 2018 Empire Health Foundation/Catholic Charities “Rising Strong” $100,000, Partners with Families & Children $50,000, Providence Health Dental Care Facility for Under/Uninsured $100,000, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network, $30,000. HSSA RFP #12: 2017 Partners with Families & Children $50,000, SNAP Spokane Ride to Care $100,000, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network, $30,000, Volunteers of America (VOA) Hot Spotters Program $120,000. HSSA RFP #11: 2016 Better Health Together $125,000, NECC Youth Counseling Services Expansion, $45,000, Partners with Families & Children $35,000, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network $30,000. HSSA RFP #10: 2014 Better Health Together, $125,000, Partners with Families & Children $44,892, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network $30,000. HSSA RFP #9: 2013 INHS/Christ Clinic Diabetes Prevention $48,961, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network $30,000, Project Access $150,000. HSSA RFP #8: 2012 Partners with Families & Children $38,877, Project Access $155,000, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network $30,000. HSSA RFP #4: 2011 Partners with Families & Children, $29,000, Project Access $100,000, Spokane Prescription Assistance Network $30,000, WSU Health Clinic Feasibility Study $28,400. HSSA RFP #3: 2010 Greater Spokane Incorporated/WSU Medical Expansion Outreach $75,000, Northeast Community Center Clinic Expansion $75,000, Providence HIV AIDS Clinic $30,000. HSSA RFP #2: 2009 Project Access $225,000. HSSA RFP #1: 2009 Institute for Systems Medicine $675,000

Grant Writing Assistance Micro Awards

2024: Safe Zone Products 2023: Iasis Molecular Sciences 2022: Photon Bioscience LLC, Sharp Arrow Inc, Jay Kim, Preveal Technologies, Iasis Molecular Sciences, Choices and Patterns. 2020: William Vanderheyden Ph.D WSU. 2021: Omniscia Health. 2019: WSU/Jason Gerstner Ph.D, Preveal Technologies. 2018: Preveal Technologies, Shobban Gadameedhi Ph.D I, Tidy Hut II, Life Recovery Solutions, Medcurity. 2016: Iasis Molecular Sciences. 2017: Monte Carlo Technologies LLC, Glucose Revival, Allele Diagnostics I, Allele Diagnostics II, Tidy Hut I, Iasis Molecular Sciences, Glucose Boost, NuZone Medical. 2015: 2nd Sight Bioscience.