HSSA Welcomes Diverse, Multi-Cultural Community

HSSA's Board strongly supports a diverse and multi-cultural community, free of harassment and hate. The Board expressed its concerns at a recent Board meeting about incidents of harassment of multi-cultural people, students, families, organizations and others. HSSA appreciates the many multi-cultural students, researchers and faculty at area universitiess, and other members of our community, especially those who may appear different than us.

In order to help grow a robust health sciences research industry in the Spokane region, which is its mission, HSSA has invested in researchers, both public and private, and core laboratories where research may be conducted on the best available scientific equipment. Our desire is to both grow in number the research and intellectual capacity of our region, and increase the number of researchers.These researchers may just find the next cure for a disease, or a device that makes life easier for someone in treatment. These highly educated people are sought after and may literally live anywhere they wish.

If Spokane is to be successful in achieving its vision for a world-class health sciences and heath care region with great medical schools, top-notch researchers and faculty and an economic competitive edge, then we must join together to care for and support one another. This region should not and will not tolerate verbal, written or physical harassment of any kind.

HSSA cares deeply about the well-being of our community, and its rich diversity of people, cultures and religions that make Spokane a better community, and a most welcome place to live, attend school, conduct research, teach, own a business or simply be a resident, in a harassment-free environment.