5 Questions with Photon Biosciences CEO Chandima Bandara

  1. Tell us about your business in two sentences or less.

Photon Biosciences is a company focused on developing and implementing advanced imaging probe technologies that utilize genetically expressible biological imaging molecules for studying and manipulating biological systems. We create innovative tools and methods for applications such as diagnostics, medical imaging, cryo-electron microscopy, to improve scientific understanding and human health.

  1. What inspired you to do this work?

Dr. ChulHee Kang and James Brozik, both esteemed professors at Washington State University, are the visionary scientists who co-founded Photon Biosciences, driven by their passion for advancing the field of biotechnology. Dr. Kang, with expertise in molecular biology and protein engineering, contributes to the development of novel genetically expressible imaging molecules. Dr. Brozik, a specialist in biophysics and fluorescence spectroscopy, enhances the company's capabilities in creating cutting-edge imaging techniques and applications for improved diagnostics and research. Later joined by Chandima Bandaranayaka and Kevin Lewis, the team expanded its interdisciplinary foundation. Chandima, with a scientific background, has expertise in biotechnology business development and operations, while Dr. Lewis contributes his knowledge in the areas of protein engineering, molecular biology and genetics.

  1. What is your hope regarding improving health in Spokane County with your work?

While Spokane's research and development (R&D) sector may be smaller compared to other metropolitan areas, the region possesses a vibrant community with the potential to thrive in the fields of science and healthcare. Despite the current limitations in advanced scientific facilities and challenges in attracting top talent, there is ample opportunity for growth and innovation. Spokane faces healthcare challenges such as a shortage of healthcare providers, limited access to specialty care, and high rates of chronic diseases, particularly in rural areas where accessing high-quality diagnostic tools can be difficult. Photon Biosciences, recognizing the potential of Spokane, specializes in developing advanced medical diagnostics, including high-resolution microscopy and imaging tools. By harnessing local resources and expertise, Photon Biosciences aims to improve diagnosis, reduce healthcare costs, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of health in Spokane and its surrounding communities..

  1. What is your hope regarding powering Spokane County's economy with your work/business?

Spokane, WA is becoming a prominent health innovation hub, offering a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration between researchers, medical institutions, and biotechnology companies. With our partnership, Photon Biosciences, a pioneer in fluorescence detection technology, Spokane can leverage this expertise to accelerate the development of novel diagnostics, further solidifying its position as a leader in healthcare innovation. This symbiotic relationship not only enhances Spokane's reputation as a premier destination for biotech investments and talent, but also drives significant advancements in medical science that ultimately benefit the entire community.

  1. Please share a short story that gives us insight into your impact.

Photon Biosciences specializes in advanced fluorescence detection technology, a field with the potential to significantly impact cardiac marker testing and improve patient outcomes. Dr. Kevin Lewis, a leading scientist at Photon Biosciences, recognizes the importance of enhancing diagnostic sensitivity and introducing multiplexing capabilities in cardiac marker tests. He knows that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 17.9 million deaths annually, and early and accurate diagnosis can help reduce the number of fatalities.

Through dedicated research and collaboration with other experts in the field, Dr. Lewis and his team is developing an innovative cardiac marker test that provides superior diagnostic sensitivity and multiplexing ability. This innovation allows healthcare professionals to detect multiple cardiac biomarkers simultaneously, enabling faster and more accurate identification of heart attacks.

The test being developed by Photon Biosciences holds great potential for use in pre-hospital settings, such as during the average 45-minute ambulance ride to the hospital. This early testing enroute to the hospital can provide valuable information for healthcare professionals, allowing them to prepare appropriate treatment options even before the patient arrives. This expedited diagnostic process can significantly improve patient outcomes and increase the likelihood of survival.

The adoption of the new technology in hospitals and emergency medical services has the potential to reduce the number of deaths due to heart attacks. By improving the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of cardiac marker testing, Photon Biosciences could play a crucial role in saving lives and enhancing cardiac care.

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Pictured Below Dr. Kevin Lewis and Chandima Bandara at the Photon Biosciences lab.