HSSA Announces Matching Grant Recipients and Grant Writing Assistance Micro Awards

Health Sciences and Services Authority of Spokane County (HSSA) is proud to announce the recipients of Matching Grants for bioscience based economic development approved at an April 2024 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

HSSA continues to receive an impressive slate of grant applications. At an April 2024 Special Board Meeting, Trustees approved matching grant awards totaling $500,000.

An award of $250,000 was made to Bovi.Ag. The Yakima based agricultural business has developed technology that will reduce pesticide exposure for tractor operators. They will hire two new staff people with their award, and will move their existing operations to Spokane County as well.

An award of $250,000 was made to Spokane based Gestalt Diagnostics Inc. The award will aid further development and commercialization of PathFlow, adding two new staff people to their ranks.

Additionally, HSSA made two Grant Writing Assistance Micro Awards to Glyciome and Glyxin respectively. These small awards of up to $10,000 help bioscience businesses work with grant writing consultants to increase their likelihood of bringing federal and state grant dollars to Spokane County.

"The Board is pleased to see a broad range of applicants working in many disciplines to improve the health of people around the world, and here in Spokane County. We look forward to following the progress of our most recent grant recipients" says HSSA Board Chair, Dr. Francisco Velázquez.

HSSA of Spokane County promotes bioscience based economic development and advances new therapies and procedures to prevent disease and promote public health. Our priorities are: better health and health care in Spokane County, create well-paying jobs in Spokane County, and power future economic growth in Spokane County. Details about available grant opportunities and application deadlines can be found on our website hssaspokane.org.