Life Science Washington Commercialization Bootcamp & Networking Events in Spokane

Life Science Washington is partnering with WSU Spokane and Startup Spokane to host a networking event March 16th, 5:30-7:00 PM at Startup Spokane, 610 W 2nd Avenue, Spokane. It's called Ecosystem (as in the life sciences ecosystem) Connect. The next day on March 17th from 9 AM - 4 PM at WSU Spokane Room SAC 147, the partners will deliver a one day bootcamp. Topics to be covered include funding sources, regulatory issues, IP/legal issues and market research. These events are FREE to attend. Registration for the Ecosystem Connect networking event is and registration for the bootcamp is For more information, contact Kayla Young, The event is funded by a grant from the Life Sciences Discovery Fund.

UW CoMotion Labs Expand to Spokane

CoMotion, the University of Washington's collaborative innovation hub, recently expanded its CoMotion Labs to Spokane. The intent is to connect the region's vibrant startup community more fully with western Washington's. Called CoMotion Labs @ Spokane, its mission is to contribute to the growth of the innovation community in Eastern Washington by bringing UW resources, assets, tools and networks to the region. UW suggests the focus of the Spokane lab will be on manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and robotics. CoMotion Labs hired Brady Ryan as the CoMotion Labs @ Spokane manager. He most recently was the commercialization manager and business development manager at Life Science Washington. Ryan will be located at the UW Spokane Center in downtown Spokane.

"Spokane's University District and the entrepreneurial ecosystem will greatly benefit with the presence of University of Washington's CoMotion Labs," said Steve Trabun, Avista regional business manager. "Having CoMotion Labs in our community will further enhance the collaborative opportunities between Startup Spokane, a program of Greater Spokane Incorporated, and our region's colleges and universities. As a result, the entrepreneurial ecosystem will be strengthened to create even more ideas and early stage growth companies in technology, life sciences, and other emerging areas."

Velazquez, Ashe elected to Life Science Washington Board Positions

HSSA Board member Dr. Francisco Velazquez, PAML President & CEO, has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the Life Science Washington Board. Susan Ashe, HSSA Executive Director, also was elected to the statewide board for her first term. Life Science Washington is an independent, non-profit trade association serving the life sciences industry in the state of Washington.The organization advocates for positive public policy and private investment, and brings together research institutions, investors and entrepreneurs to grow its economic sector and create healthier communities.

Spokane Public Radio features HSSA

In a Spokane Public Radio story featuring HSSA and its recent four "Access to Care" grants, reporter Doug Nadvornick shares with his audience information about HSSA and these important grants. To read and listen to the story, click here.

HSSA Welcomes Diverse, Multi-Cultural Community

HSSA's Board strongly supports a diverse and multi-cultural community, free of harassment and hate. The Board expressed its concerns at a recent Board meeting about incidents of harassment of multi-cultural people, students, families, organizations and others. HSSA appreciates the many multi-cultural students, researchers and faculty at area universitiess, and other members of our community, especially those who may appear different than us.

In order to help grow a robust health sciences research industry in the Spokane region, which is its mission, HSSA has invested in researchers, both public and private, and core laboratories where research may be conducted on the best available scientific equipment. Our desire is to both grow in number the research and intellectual capacity of our region, and increase the number of researchers.These researchers may just find the next cure for a disease, or a device that makes life easier for someone in treatment. These highly educated people are sought after and may literally live anywhere they wish.

If Spokane is to be successful in achieving its vision for a world-class health sciences and heath care region with great medical schools, top-notch researchers and faculty and an economic competitive edge, then we must join together to care for and support one another. This region should not and will not tolerate verbal, written or physical harassment of any kind.

HSSA cares deeply about the well-being of our community, and its rich diversity of people, cultures and religions that make Spokane a better community, and a most welcome place to live, attend school, conduct research, teach, own a business or simply be a resident, in a harassment-free environment.

PAML's Velazquez speaks to the growth of life sciences, changes to consumer health technology

Dr. Francisco Velazquez, president & CEO of Spokane-based PAML, and HSSA Board Member, has recently been featured in the Spokane Journal of Business. You may find his article on the potential economic growth in the life sciences here His article about personal health technology and how it is changing the health and wellness industries and our health may be found here

HSSA Announces $300,000 2017 "Access to Care" Grant

HSSA has announced that its annual "Access to Care" grant is open for applicants to submit a Letters of Interest (LOI) online at The grant is for up to $300,000 for one or more non-profit and other organization who provide innovative health service delivery and increased access to health care for certain populations.

HSSA seek grants that durably increase access to health care through innovative and collaborative health care delivery in Spokane County.

"HSSA's mission includes increasing access to health care through innovative and collaborative health care delivery in the county, as well as to improve the capacity of the region to contribution to advances in research," said Nancy L. Isserlis, HSSA Board Chair.

The LOI is due by 12 noon on November 1, 2016. Applicants will apply online and receive notification from HSSA if they are to submit a full proposal, also submitted online. The full proposal is due by 4 pm on November 15th. Grants will be announced on or before December 9th.

Download the RFP!

HSSA Moves Downtown

HSSA has moved its office to the historic Paulsen Center. The address is 421 West Riverside Avenue, Suite 661, Spokane, WA 99201. HSSA's new phone number is 509.474.0798. Please don't hesitate to contact us or drop by for a visit. You may also reach us at, or contact Susan Ashe, Executive Director at

SBIR Grant Applications Deadlines Approach!

To those of you desiring to submit an SBIR grant application, just a reminder that the National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR grant deadline is June 16th, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) deadline is September 5th. If you need help with your grantwriting for a health sciences research grant, HSSA may be able to help fund a professional grant-writing consultant for you! Check us out at!