2016 HSSA Board Meetings Announced

The HSSA Board of Directors will meet quarterly in 2016 on January 12th, April 5th, July 12th and October 11th. These meetings are held at the McKinstry Innovation Center and begin at 3 PM unless otherwise notified. HSSA Board meetings are public.

HSSA Board Meets Jan. 12th

The HSSA Board of Directors will meet Tuesday, Jan. 12th, at 3:00 PM at the McKinstry Innovation Center, 850 E. Spokane Falls Boulevard in the Roundtable conference rooms. All HSSA Board meetings are open to the public.

The Board will meet again April 5th, July 12th and Oct. 11th in 2016.

HSSA Adds Two New Grant Assistance Awards; Intends to Help First-Time SBIR/STTR Grant Writers

A total of twenty (20) or more grants for up to $5,000 each will be awarded by the Health Sciences and Services Authority (HSSA) to small businesses and academic laboratory researchers in Spokane County who are engaged in health sciences research. The $100,000 set-aside for these grants is intended to provide grant-writing assistance from a professional ...Hssa Sbir Grant Writing Grants Nr 12 14 15. For more information on HSSA Grants see this document.

HSSA Awards $235,000 for Annual 2016 “Access to Care” Grants

SPOKANE, WA – The Health Sciences & Services Authority (HSSA) of Spokane County recently announced that it has awarded a total of nearly $235,000 in one-year grants to increase access to health care for certain populations in Spokane County. These grants were in response to HSSA 2016: ‘Access to Care’ Grant Competition #11 that is intended to Increase Access to Health Care in Spokane County through Innovative and Collaborative Health Service Delivery.

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Spokane well represented at NIH Conference

The 17th Annual National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Conference was held in Seattle Oct. 27-29th. This is the first time the state of Washington State snagged this major annual conference.
A group of Spokane collaborators joined together to help sponsor and participate in the event. They are Avista, Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Greater Spokane Incorporated, Health Sciences and Services Authority (HSSA), Ignite Northwest and Nuvodia. WSU Spokane will also participate in the milestone event. Also attending were Dr. Pat Tennican, Hyprotek and Mark Mansfield, The University District.

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Salah Ahmed is invested in Spokane

“I came to WSU Spokane because it looks like the perfect environmental to collaborate with clinicians in the neighboring medical institutes, and medicinal chemists and pharmacologists on campus.”

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Facilities at WSU Spokane help pharmacy researcher fight cancer

Since joining the WSU College of Pharmacy two years ago as a post-doctoral associate in the lab of Philip Lazarus, Joe Ashmore has been immersed in laboratory research involving tobacco smoke and lung cancer. His current project focuses on a metabolite of nicotine (NNK) that is the main carcinogen in tobacco smoke. NNK is not easily eliminated from the body, but if the body converts it to another metabolite (NNAL), it can be expelled.

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Green tea may help those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis

There are a number of reasons why people should increase their consumption of green tea. Green tea is already known to have anti-oxidant benefits that can help prevent cancer and cardiovascular (CV) disease, and according to findings from the lab of Associate Professor Salah-uddin Ahmed, small molecules present in green tea can also help prevent inflammation and joint destruction caused by rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

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Nanoparticle drug delivery system can deliver a combination of different drugs

Dr. Zhenjia Wang has spent much of his working career exploring life forms too small to see with a normal microscope. In his current research, he uses multicolor fluorescent microscopy to map the biological trafficking of specific nanoparticles, and the powerful microscope, purchased in part with funds provided by the Health Sciences and Services Authority of Spokane, allows him to label multiple, distinct targets of interest in a single biological sample.

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