Access to Health Care Grant


Each year HSSA sets aside about 15% funding from its revenues to fund proposals that create access to health care for certain Spokane County populations.

Amount & Timeframe

  • Annual grant opportunity offered by HSSA in August of each year, but funded at the beginning of the succeeding year
  • Amount depends on the availability of annual revenues but will be known when announced
  • One-year grant only


  • Written Letter of Intent (below)
  • Demonstrates a commitment to coordination, cooperation and collaboration
  • Increases the efficiency of health service delivery and potentially lowers cost
  • Increases access to health care for certain Spokane County populations
  • Requires agreement with conditions of HSSA’s Grant Award Agreement

Grant Application Process

HSSA requires all applicants for Access to Health Care Grants must fill in the below Letter of Intent.

You verify that you meet the HSSA criteria for a the access to care grant. You may do that here by filling in this form. HSSA will contact you by email if your LOI has been received and will reply with a link to the Formal Grant Application.