Innovative Translational Research Grant


HSSA invests in research that advances Spokane as a national leader in health care delivery research. Supports innovative research aimed at analyzing and effectiveness, economic benefit, and/or public health benefit of health delivery research by various research and studies.

Amount & Timeframe

  • Projects may total up to $100,000 per year for up to three years
  • Open grant


  • Pre-proposal letter of intent (LOI) required
  • Full, written proposal, if requested
  • Requires matching “proof-of-concept” grant
  • Requires agreement with conditions of HSSA’s Grant Award Agreement

Grant Application Process

HSSA requires all applicants for health sciences research must first provide a Letter of Intent (LOI).

You must verify that you meet the HSSA criteria for a specific grant category selected. You may do that here by responding to the following requests.

HSSA will then notify the applicant whether or not to submit a full Grant Application. HSSA will provide applicant a link to the on-line formal Grant Application.

The Applicant must provide a full copy of the approved grant for which a matching HSSA grant is being requested.

Upload a PDF (2MB max file size)
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