Grant Writing Assistance Micro Awards

Grant Writing Assistance Micro Awards Purpose:

HSSA is committed to economic development through bioscience business growth, improved health outcomes in Spokane County and innovative biomedical research. Awards of up to $10,000 will be made for applicants to work with HSSA identified Grant Writing Consultants to submit applications for federal funding of proof of concept or translative research. HSSA contracts with four Grant Writing Consultants, and if awarded you will receive a letter with their names and contact information. You and your consultant will agree to work together, and you will notify HSSA in writing of your selection. Your Grant Writing Consultant will request reimbursement directly from HSSA.

Selection Criteria

For businesses seeking SBIR/STTR funding:

  • Basic research must be completed, and the business must be preparing for proof of concept or translative research.
  • The company must be officially formed
  • The company must be seeking an SBIR/STTR Grant with the Federal Government.
  • Preliminary market study and patents sought.

For Academic Laboratories:

  • The University must be in Spokane County.
  • Must be a multi-year project with a minimum budget of $250,000.
  • Must be novel intellectual property.
  • Must be a commercializable project, product or service.

The newest HSSA grant will provide support for start-up organizations seeking SBIR/STTR grants from professional grant-writing consultants. The applicant may apply to HSSA at any time for up to $10,000 to hire the consultant through one of the below grants.

You may apply by submitting a Letter of Interest at any time below.

Grant Proposal Grant-Writing Consultation: Small Business


To assist start-up small businesses seeking SBIR/STTR grants from the federal government, NIH, NSF, etc., HSSA has established a grant to support up to $10,000 per year to fund professional grant-writing consultancy in order to improve the success rate or achieving SBIR/STTR grants, to establish a track record for local health sciences research and to develop a critical mass of research talent in Spokane County.


Any small business that has completed basic research on a therapy, drug, device or practice that meets a compelling unmet need. The grantee also should have conducted a preliminary market study, and discussed the project with potential users, sought preliminary patents, or filed provisional patents. A feasibility analysis should be on file and the company officially formed. This is the point in the company’s life that it desires federal SBIR/STTR funding to move through the concept stage and to establish proof of concept. The business must be located in Spokane County.


HSSA will provide up to $10,000 which will be paid directly to a grant-writing consultant selected by the applicant. This is an open grant and may be applied for at any time

Grant Proposal Grant-Writing Consultation: Academic Laboratories


To increase the success rate of academic laboratories in Spokane County in receiving multi-year funding for health- and life-sciences-related research. Increased success will assist in establishing a track record for local health sciences research, will support the development of critical mass of talent in this sector, and will contribute to generating an educated technical workforce that will be attractive to companies considering relocating to Spokane County.


Any faculty member from Spokane county universities who is resubmitting a proposal for a multi-year project. Specifically, 1) the project must be focused on a health- or life-science issue; 2) the project must be multi-year in nature (minimum two years, three-to-five year projects preferred); 3) the grant budget must be substantial (minimum of $250,000 per year in total costs); 4) the application must have been submitted in a previous round and deemed “acceptable” (in NIH terms, “scored), but not funded; and 5) the applicant must be able to articulate what novel intellectual property, potentially leading to a commercializable product, process or services, will be generated by the project.


HSSA will provide up to $10,000 which will be paid directly to a grant-writing consultant selected by the applicant. This is an open grant and may be applied for at any time.

Grant Application Process

HSSA requires all applicants for Grant Writing Assistant fill in the below form.

You must verify that you meet the HSSA criteria for a specific grant category selected.

Grant Writing Assistance Micro Award Letter of Interest Form:

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1000 Word Limit
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