Bioscience Business Job Growth Matching Grant

The Request for Proposals for HSSA's Bioscience Business Job Growth Matching Grant is Open.

The Next Review Deadline is 11:59pm on September 1, 2024.

Bioscience Business Job Growth Matching Grant Purpose:

HSSA is committed to economic development through bioscience business growth, proof of concept applied bioscience research, engineering, and the commercialization of bioscience technology.

Matching Grant Application Process:

1. Review the full Request for Proposals linked here.
2. Attend an Information Meeting (see events on home page for details) or schedule an individual meeting to learn more about HSSA and our procedures.
3. Carefully review the terms of the Grant Award Agreement Template to make sure these are terms your entity can agree to.
4. Download and complete the Matching Grant Application linked here.
5. If not otherwise included in your Application, download and complete Attachment D/Commercialization Plan Outline linked here.
6. Email the items below to Please follow up if you do not receive confirmation within seven days.
  • Completed Matching Grant Application (incomplete applications will not be reviewed)
  • Attachment D as noted above
  • Documentation of your match (choose one):
  • Pitch Deck that includes milestones and deliverables
Applications that do not meet minimum criteria as outlined in the Matching Grant Scoring Sheet linked here will not be reviewed.